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Girls Watches Shop


Hi, girls like to always look good, they are careful about how they are wearing make-up, the way it is arranged hair, choose fashionable clothes but we must not forget that accessories are what make an outfit to look flawless. Some accessories are clocks, they give a lot style an outfit even more than that makes us always fashionable. A good watch can make us to receive praise from friends. If you like being the center of attention when you go out with friends means you're the only one who can help us have the best watch store in town. Through this game for girls you'll be able to work together with us, you will be doing the most interesting watches and to help customers choose the best watches which fit their personality or outfit. We know that you are a gifted child which means that you have a highly developed creative spirit, this will make our business become prosperous. This game with watches stores is exactly what you need to make new friends and even for fun well.The game is very nice but do not forget that you have to respect all instructions and pay attention to details.Success!- Our shop is located in a very good area;- You have to go there;- First you have to clean the window;- Then you can arrange all clocks;- The store looks great and you can now open;- Now you have to make a clock;- Choose a leather strap;- Choose a quality glass;- Then apply colored ribbons;- The clock looks very good;- You're a good watchmaker;- The clock will be bought by a young very beautiful;- That she would wear to a party;- Young is ready to go out;- Now you have to choose and other accessories;- Our friend is happy, definitely will come back to you for help;- You are a wonderful friend.
Thank you for helping, please come back every day through this game for kids.
Have fun!